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We customize in order to optimize...

Every animal needs something a little different. With technology, we provide that – and track it – to optimize each animal’s progress.

That level of care is profitable because precise nutrition, optimal medical care and a clean, low-stress environment create a faster finish at a lower cost.

We see the close out reports. We know that it works.

Curtis Custom Feeders is NHTC and NE3 Verified

Where Food Comes From VerificationNON-HORMONE TREATED CATTLE (NHTC) CERTIFICATION: Cattle never receive growth hormones of any kind during their life-cycle. When transported from their ranch of origin, cattle are identified with an EID tag and can only be moved through NHTC approved locations.

VERIFIED NATURAL BEEF (NE3) CERTIFICATION: Cattle never receive growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products of any kind during their life-cycle.

For both certifications,the ranch must train employees, retain a manual on NHTC & VNB requirements, and complete a mandatory onsite annual audit.

What our Customers are Saying...

"My significant investment into quality genetics and low-stress handling have NOT been lost at Curtis Custom Feeders. Retaining ownership and feeding with Jeff and his knowledgeable team has rewarded me with gains, conversions, grid premiums and close-outs that have consistently out-performed industry norms."
- Jeff Parker, Highview Angus Ranch, OR

“After feeding our Wagyu steers for 15 years at our home place, we have found that Curtis Custom Feeders can do a better and more cost-effective job than we can, or than other feedlots we have tried. Requests are always attended to; cattle are weighed when we ask, they are ready for load out when requested and new cattle are given extra attention before being added to our pen. Our carcass results have been the best we have ever seen. I consider Jeff Curtis and his team to be an elite feeder of Wagyu Cattle, with experience feeding cattle for the Japanese over the last 20 years. His finishing program for cattle is simply outstanding.
Jerry Reeves - Bar R Cattle Co and BR2 Wagyu Genetics LLC, WA
Curtis Custom Feeders in Connell, WA

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